G35 Full Session @ Metro Lina Charlotte, NC


Your opportunity to drive the famous 650 Horsepower Titan Supercharged G35.   

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Course includes:

-Classroom instruction

-Session with instructor

-Course 1 Basics of Drifting:  driver will learn the 3 ways to initiate drift, (e brake, clutch kick, and feint) on a circle based course.

-Course 2 Transitions:  driver will learn on a figure 8 course, how to transfer from being sideways in one direction to the next.

-Course 3 Pro Course:  course layout will be determined by drivers progression and skill level.

-Includes Race Fuel, 3 Sets of Tires, Driving Suit, Helmet,

Sessions may change due to drivers skill level and progression throughout the course.  

-Full HD Video included.

*Video editing available upon request, for an additional fee.